Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 #IRLToday

Man that heating pad felt good on my back last night. It still not really cool enough, but with the ceiling fan on it works out.

On my quest for self-control, not only did I hear my alarm clock go off at 6:45 this morning, but I listened to it. I still kind failed because I purposely set my alarm for that time so I could snooze. The word on the street is that you actually get some really good sleep when you snooze. So, I snoozed, but not as long. I woke up earlier than usual.

My drive to work was as usual. The meat of my day was different, though. Yesterday, the day after I sought out on my quest, was much easier than today. Like day one of a diet, I was able to abstain from bad habits. By day two, I found myself falling into my old ways much more often.

As far as self-control was concerned, I found myself talking to myself out loud, interjecting my opinions in conversations I was not truly a part of, sharing details of a story that were not necessary to convey my message.

I did exercise control of my money, by not succumbing to the vending machine. It's an itty-bitty factor in the bigger picture, but I've been restraining (for the most part) for several months now. Things have definitely improved.

I tried to be human and engage in conversation (not-data related). That didn't work out for me so well. We were short-staffed at work and while I can hold my own and continue my work, others cannot.

On another note, how much should one really interact with their coworkers? If you want to be a leader, I hear you should keep your personal life out of it. Does that mean it's all business or can you have casual conversations? There has to a balance.

At the end of the day, today's post has no real point except to share the day in the life of a baffled person.

How was your day?

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