Monday, September 19, 2016

Physics in Real Life #IRL

Yesterday was a challenging day. Raised voices, teenage tears, parental frustration.

We accomplished a bit after the voice of reason, my future hubby, stepped in. He shed light on both of our points of view and how to meet in the middle, even though I still think I'm right.

I already went to high school. Alright, alright...things have changed. I should know that from the way my son calculated simple math yesterday.

I often look back to my primary and secondary education (aka elementary, middle and high school) and wonder what the purpose was. Why did I spend 13 years learning all that "stuff"? When do I even use it?

That was my 17-year old's challenge yesterday. He could NOT fathom how he could possibly need physics. To the best of my knowledge, I didn't take a physics course in high school, and I didn't attend college. (It's sad that I don't even remember).

When I finally got my son to LISTEN and take a look at the resource I found on school's website, we learned about 2D Motion, which is also called projectile motion and is classified under Kinetics, neither of which he knew. Paying attention in class much, eh?

Referring to the e-version of the textbook, it didn't make enough sense to me as to how 2D motion relates to real life, but after playing around with some of the resources provided and searching the web I get it.

What I don't get is how a teenager with a smartphone cannot find a way to connect the dots. Hello, YouTube!! If the teacher doesn't correlate physics (or whatever the topic may be) to real life, then the student has no desire to search for more info.

As a parent, I have to do this. I hit the nail on the head when I brought up how physics directly relates to driving a car (a privilege my son just earned).

If your teenager doesn't understand Physics (or if you just want to learn about Physics), here are a few resources I've found to help.

I'll be adding to this page as my junior year high school student progresses through Physics Honors. I've asked him to hang in there before he calls it quits and requests College Prep Physics. There's a reason you're in Honors classes, my dear.

  1. sparknotes
  2. Khan Academy
  3. the Physics Classroom
  4. PhET Interactive Simulations for Physics
So, how exactly does physics relate to real life? This link really helped me. I had no idea.

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